This is a blog of restaurant and local micro-brewery reviews.  Our review method is to actually go to the establishment, order something and see what happens.  Oh and eat and drink too.  We always pay our own way and never reveal that we are reviewers.  If we are going out to eat anyway we might as well write about it afterwards.

Everything expressed in our reviews is our opinion and based on our first hand experience.  Your mileage may vary. Our goal is to help you choose good places to eat and drink not just on a scale but with the application of our local knowledge too.

Link Policy: I always check on a search engine to see if each restaurant has a website, if it does, it gets a link, if it does not, then address and telephone number will have to do. (Frankly, all local businesses should their own website, even if you have to use Google Sites.) 

Summary: Nobody pays us for reviews. Nobody pays us for links. Reviews are our opinion. All Trademarks belong to their holders.  Bass Ale (my favourite beer) is Trademark of their holder and no infringement is intended.

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