Friday, February 21, 2014

Restaurant Review: Octave Grill, Chesterton, Indiana

It pays to specialize.  Octave Grill is a gourmet burger joint in old down town Chesterton. They serve a bunch of different Tallgrass beef burgers, plus veggie and grilled chicken sandwiches, some fish and not much else. All to the good, by specializing they manage to outdo every other gourmet restaurant that serves burgers in NW Indiana and that is saying something.

Octave Grill is located in old charming downtown Chesterton, IN. It is about as wide as a one car garage and about two and one-half car lengths deep. Walls are bare brick covered in art by hip local artists. None of the furniture matches and it's not supposed to. It only seats about 24 people so it fills up fast. If you stop in and find them full they will take your cell number and call you when there is an opening, then you can take in the sights of Chesterton.  No reservations. They do have take-out so you could even dine in the downtown Thomas park which is about a block away.

The burgers are large, juicy and piled high with local cheese, veg and condiments that I can't even pronounce.  The menu lists everything in detail.
Try the Hamburgusa, or if you are real hungry The Brat which is a burger with a bratwurst split open on top.  Sweet potato tots are great, but you can also get really good regular fries.  The Albatross is a very good grilled chicken sandwich if you are red meat adverse.  They also have a special Burger of the Month, which is worth asking about and is always unique and inventive.

You are going to want to wash that burger down with some beer (or wine.)  Octave always has five different good craft beers on tap that rotate about once a week. They hardly ever repeat, and they are very good at picking their beers. In addition they have a goodly selection of bottled beers.  The owners know their beers so be sure to check these out.

Service has always been excellent for me at Octave even when it is packed. The wait staff are generally knowledgeable about the menu items and the beer and wine list.

Insider Tip: If you see chocolate stout cake on the dessert menu you must order it. It is fantastic.  Show up either early for supper or late to avoid the crush at the height of the supper hour.

Octave Grill
137 S Calumet Rd
Chesterton, IN 46304
(219) 395-8494


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