Saturday, February 15, 2014

Restaurant Review: George's Gyros Spot, Chesterton, Indiana

George's is one of the "fast food" gems in northern Porter County.  Prices are reasonable, portions generous and the food is good.  In fact George's Gyros Spot, is one of the two great bargain eateries in Duneland.

First, this is a locally owned, family oriented fast food eatery.  Their food is better than any of the chain fast food restaurants and the prices are better.  This is where the locals go in Chesterton, Indiana leaving the chain fast food joints to the people off the Interstate.

Second, their french fries are great, hot and fresh.

Third, here are my favourites:

  • Double Cheeseburger (or any cheeseburger)
  • Italian beef sandwich
  • Chicago Style hotdog
  • Gyros

There are plenty more things on the menu but I keep rotating through those four items. I might be in a rut, but I don't mind.

Now here is the insiders tip: George's is a great place for soft serve ice cream. They have both chocolate or vanilla cones, but the thing to try are their malted milk shakes. Better than DQ for malt goodness. I recommend chocolate.

The Original George's Gyros Spot
325 N. Calumet
Chesterton, IN 46304
Phone: (219) 926-5435

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